Norse Mythology

Aesir: The Male Gods

Aesir in Norse Mythology

The Aesir (Æsir), are the male gods in norse mythology. they live in Asgard, together with the female goddesses called Asynjur.


In the halls of Asgard


"Each arrow overshot his head" (1902) by Elmer Boyd Smith.

Balder: The Good

Balder is the son of Odin and Frigg.

Balder has a brother named Hod.

Balder is married to Nanna, they have a son named Forsete.

Balder (also Baldr or Baldur) lives in Breidablik in Asgard. The roof of Balder's house is made from silver, resting on pillars of gold. It was always so clean and pretty in the house Breidablik, and no evil could exist here. Balder is the most beautiful and kind of the Aesir, and all in Asgard praises him. Balder means “Lord”


Bragi is shown with a harp and accompanied by his wife Iðunn in this 19th-century painting by Nils Blommér.

Bragi: The God of Poetry and Music

Bragi is the son of Odin and Gunnlod

Bragi is married to Idun.

Bragi has a very long beard, and Bragi is also very wise. Bragi is known for his wisdom and most of all for fluency of speech and skilled with words. Bragi has the most knowledge of poems and the songs. His name Bragi, comes from the word “Bragr” which means "Poetry" the Norsemen called their poets bragamen or bragawoman.


Delling (or Dellingr) means "the daysping or shining one" Delling is the god of sunrise. Delling is been married to the jotun woman Night "Nat", together they have a son named Day


"Freyr" (1901) by Johannes Gehrts.

Freyr: God of Fertility

Freyr is the son of Njord.

Freyr also has a twin sister named Freya.

Freyr is married to Gerd. She is a Jotun.

The name Freyr, means "lord" Freyr is unbelievably beautiful. Freyr is the god of fertility, the sunlight, the rain and peace. Freyr is a former member of the Vanir. When the war between the Vanir and the Aesir ended, Freyr and two others were sent to the Aesir as a token of truce. In return the Aesir sent Honir and Mimir to the Vanir. Freyr, is also the ruler of Alfheim, and lord of the elves.

Freyr's boar

When Freyr wants to get around, he will ride around on his boar named Gullinbursti. His boar is able to travel across the sky and over the ocean with ease. The golden bristles on the boar gleams like the sun, it gleams so bright that wherever it goes night will become day. The boar rides quicker than any horse. Occasionally he makes the boar, pull a chariot with him on it. Gullinbursti was a gift from the dwarf named Brokkr; he also gave Freyr a ship named Skidbladnir. The ship is so huge that it can easily hold all the gods of Asgard. The ship can be folded, so it is so small that it can be put in Freyr's pocket.

Freyr's True Love

Freyr was very much in love with Gerd, a Jotun woman. It all began the day Freyr, secretly used the throne belonging to Odin, from this high seat he could see out over all the nine worlds. As Freyr was looking he caught sight of a woman, Freyr thought it was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. It was truly love at first sight. Gerd is the daughter of the giant named Gymir. Freyr had no idea how he was going to gain the heart of Gerd. Freyr spent every second of the day yearning for Gerd. It got so bad that Freyr would not speak or eat, and he started to become very ill. His father Njord, got upset and very concerned about the unusualbehavior from his son.


Freyr riding on the boar Gullinbursti

He sent the servant named Skirnir to check why Freyr was being so irrationally. Skirnir when he came back to Njord, he said that Freyr was very much in love with Gerd. Njord knew that if he has to help his son, he would have to see to it that Gerd and Freyr got married. Skirnir was given the task to go to the lands of the giants(Jotunheim), and bring Gerd back as the Fiancée for Freyr. Skirnir borrowed a magical sword from Freyr, to protect himself from any unfriendly giants. Upon the arrival to the land of giants, Skirnir seek out Gerd and at once announced the marriage proposal and also promised to give her some apples of youth if she accepts. Gerd got outraged, and she immediately rejected the offer.


Skirnir's Message to Gerd (1908) by W. G. Collingwood.

Skirnir then offered to give her, the ring named Draupnir. It’s a magical golden ring. Every ninth day eight new rings would drop out of Draupnir. The eight new rings is of equal quality as Draupnir. Gerd was not impressed and rejected also that offer. Skirnir then switched tactics and tried to threathen her. At first she did not care about the threats, because she had no intention of marrying Freyr. Skirnir then started to threaten to put curses on her, by using the secrets of the runes. That freighted Gerd into agreeing to marry Freyr. She did have a demand that Freyr had to wait nine days, before they were to be married. The nine days was a way to torture the feelings of Freyr. After the nine days was up, Gerd and Freyr got married.


Forseti Seated in Judgment (1881) by Carl Emil Doepler

Forseti: The God of Justice

Forseti is the son of Nanna and Balder.

The name Forseti means "president" He is the best court of the gods and humans. Forseti lives in a house with a silver roof and golden pillars; the house is named Glitnir and is located in Agard. The name of his house Glitnir means shining. Forseti's house radiate light that can be seen from a great distance. Forseti also has skills in meditation.


Hermóðr rides to Hel on Sleipnir. He meets Hel and Baldr

Hermod: The Brave

Hermod (Hermóðr) is the son of Odin and Frigg. Hermod volunteered to go to Hel and get Balder.


Heimdallr blows Gjallarhorn in an 1895 illustration by Lorenz Frølich

Heimdall: The Guardian of Bifrost

Heimdall has nine mothers; they are all sisters and associated with the nine waves.

Heimdall is tall, and very handsome and his teeth are made of gold, which is the reason that Heimdall has the nickname Gold Tooth. Heimdall sleeps less than a bird. Heimdall has very good eyesight and hearing, heimdall can see equally good, day as night for hundreds of kilometers. Heimdall can see the grass grow, and hear the wool growing on a sheep. Heimdall is the god, who guarded Bifrost. Bifrost is the rainbow bridge which connect Midgard and Asgard. Heimdall lives next to Bifrost in the house called Himinbjorg.

Heimdall has horse named Gulltopp, “Guld top” it is made from gold. Heimdall also have a sword named Hofund. Heimdall has a horn called Gjallarhorn “yelling horn” or “the loud sounding horn”. The sound from the horn can be heard loud and clear throughout all of the nine worlds. Heimdall will be using this horn at ragnarok when he sees the enemies arriving. Ragnarok is the end of the world. When the gods at Asgard heard the sound from the Gjallarhorn, they will be warned to get ready for the final battle.


Loki tricks Höðr into shooting Baldr.


Hoder (also Höðr) is the son of Odin and Frigg. Hoder is blind, and he lives in Asgard. Hoder killed his brother, Balder with an arrow made from a mistletoe.


Hœnir in an illustration from a 17th-century Icelandic manuscript


Honir has very long legs, honir is tall and beautiful. He has a brother named Odin. He went to the Vanir as a hostage to seal the truce after the Asir, Vanir War. Honir is very indecisive and relies on Mimir for all his decisions, grunting noncommittal answers when Mimir was absent.

Kvasir: The God of Poetry and Wisdom

Kvasir was created by Odin.

Kvasir is a very wise man. His name Kvasir means saliva "spit", and that is a reminder of how Kvasir was created. When the war between the Aesir and the Vanir ended, it was decided that all the gods, from both the branches should spit in a huge barrel. From the saliva Odin created a new god. The new god was named Kvasir. Kvasir was created from the saliva of all the gods combined, Kvasir was very wise. Kvasir could answer any question, and was known for his great wisdom. Kvasir journeyed throughout the worlds, and learned mankind wisdom.

Magni: Mighty

Magni is very strong. His name Magni means Mighty "Mægtig" He is the son of Thor and the jotun woman Jarnsaxa. Magni has a brother named Modi. Magni and his brother Modi, will inherit Thor's hammer Mjölnir after Ragnarok. Magni has a horse named Goldfaxi, which is almost as fast as Sleipnir, Odin's horse.

Modi: Courage

His name means Courage "Modig" He is the son of Thor and Sif. Magni and his brother Modi, will inherit Thor's hammer Mjölnir after Ragnarok.

Mimir: The Wise One

The name Mimer means "The wise one or The rememberer" Mimir is renowned for his knowledge and wisdom. Mimir was beheaded during the Aesir and Vanir war. After the war ended, his head sent to Odin as a symbol of their disgust and frustration. The god Odin carries around with Mimir's head and it gives him counsel. Mimir has a well called, Mimir's well, those who drinks from the well will obtain more wisdom. Odin, once drank from the well, and paid for it, by giving Mimir one of his eyes.


Mimirs well

Mimir's Well

The well of wisdom is located by the second root of the tree Yggdrasil in Jotunheim.


Narfi is the son of Loki and Sigyn, he also has a brother named Vali. Narfi was killed by Vali, who was turned into a wolf.




Njord is the father of the twins Freya and Freyr.

Njord is married to Skadi. She is a giant.

Njord (or Njörðr) has a sister by the name Nerthus. Njord had Freya and Freyr with his sister.

Njord is the god of the wind, seafarers, coasts, inland waters and a member of the Vanir. Njord is often mistaken for the god of the sea, though this conception is incorrect because that is Ægir When the war between the Vanir and the Aesir ended, Njord and two others, were sent to the Aesir as a token of truce. In return the Aesir sent Honir and Mimir to the Vanir. Njord lives on the seashore in Asgard, were he called it Noatun "Ship Haven".


Njörðr and Skaði on the way to Nóatún (1882) by Friedrich Wilhelm Heine

Njord, Skadi and Nerthus

Njord had Freya and Freyr with his sister Nerthus. But the Aesir would not tolerate a marriage between Njord and his sister. Njord is and got married with Skadi, a Jotun. Skadi picked Njord as her husband because of his beautiful feet. But they could not agree where to live, Njord thought that the home of Skadi in the land of the jotuns was to cold and abandoned. While Skadi didn't like the noise and the hustle of shipbuilding around Njords home, Noatun in Asgard. After nine nights at each place, they decided to live by them self.

Skadi went back to her favorite interest to hunt on skis, and the weather bitten Njord, returned to the sea. The seemingly unbridgeable gulf between them, in all likelihood reflects more their personal tastes. Njord was certainly seen as a fertility god, assuring safe travel to sea, for those who worship him. But also for riches and good luck, in the form of land and sons. Skadi's circumstance was quite another, she came from a mountain with snow on the top. Where heavy clouds hid the sun and the hard rock made the ground feel dead cold. In her wild and inhospitable land where nothing would flourish or grow, was there hardly anything for people to do.


He is the husband of Freya, and the father of Hnossa. Od somehow disappeared, and Freya wept golden rears for her lost husband.


Odin the Wanderer (1896) by Georg von Rosen

Odin: Chief of the Aesir Gods

Day of week: Wednesday (Onsdag)

Odin is the grandson of the first Aesir, Buri.

Odin is the son of Bor and Bestla. Bestla is a Jotun woman.

Odin is married to Frigg. Together they have the sons Balder and Hod.

Odin and Fjörgyn have a son named Thor. Fjörgyn is a Jotun woman.

Odin and Grid have a son named Vidar. Grid is a Jotun woman.

Odin and Rind have a son named Vali. Rind is a Jotun woman.

Odin have two brothers Vili and Ve.

Odin (In Old Norse Óðinn) is the chief god (Odin the allfather). He is the most powerful god in Asgard. Odin lives in the house Valaskialf, from his throne, Hlidskialf, in the tower of his house, can Odin see thouout all the nine worlds. Odin is the god of victory, happiness and wisdom. He is thought to be “the leader of souls”. Odin looks like a sorcerer. He is able to shape shift into animal shapes. Odin speaks in verse, and Odin's voice is so soft that all who hears him speak thinks all he says is true. Odin might just say a word and will be blowing out flames, or tone down waves or be turning the wind.

Odin can make his enemies blind in combat, deaf or horror-struck, can make their weapons hit like sticks, or make his own men as strong as a bear and go berserk. Odin is seldom active in a battle. Odin can predict the fade of all humans, and see their past. Odin can to travel to remote lands, in his or others memories. Odin can send people to their death or give them an illness. Odin knows of all the treasures in the world. People sacrifice to Odin, and give him good promises. And hope to gain insight into whether they can win a battle or not.


An illustration of Odin riding Sleipnir from an 18th-century Icelandic manuscript.


It is Odin's gray eight legged horse. The horse is a magical horse, and the best of all horses. Sleipnir is the symbol of the wind, and has the marks of hell. Sleipnir can just as easily gallop through the air as on land. Sleipnir was a gift from Loki. Sleipnir is the child of Loki and Svadilfari.


Huginn and Muninn

Huginn and Muninn

They are the two ravens that flies out over the world, Midgard. The name Huginn means "thought" and Munin "memory or mind" The two ravens flies out over the entire world every morning and returns every evening. When they return, the ravens whisper all what they have seen and heard to Odin.


Geri and Freki

Geri and Freki

They are Odin's two wolves. Odin gives them all his food from the table. Odin does not need any food to live, wine and mead is all he needs to keep him alive. Geri and Freki follows Odin wherever he goes. Geri and Freki both meaning "the ravenous" or "greedy one"


Odin's magical spear, that will always hits its mark and always kills. Gungnir means "Swaying one" it was made from Yggdrasils Sacred ash. Odin has written his magic runes, onto Gungnir.


Draupnir being forged


It is Odin's magical golden ring. Every ninth day eight new rings will drop out of Draupnir. The eight new rings are of equal quality as Draupnir. The name Draupnir means “the dripper” The ring was forged by the dwarven brothers Brokkr and Eitri.

The ring was one of three gifts which included Thor's hammer Mjölnir and Gullinbursti. They made these gifts in a bet with Loki that said Brokkr and Eitri could not make better gifts then the three made by the sons of Ivaldi. In the end Mjölnir, Thor's hammer, won the bet for Brokkr and Eitri. Loki used a trick to get out of the bet for his head (the bet was for Loki's head only, but he said, to cut of his head, they would have to hurt his neck, which was not in the deal) and Brokkr punished him by sealing his lips with wire. The ring was placed by Odin on the funeral pyre of his son Balder.


Odin, only had one eye.

Odin, only had one eye

Odin gave one eye to Mimir and In return he was allowed to drink a sip, from the well. Odin gained the wisdom of Mimir. Odin is now the wisest god in Asgard. Mimir means “the rememberer or the wise one”. Mimir was the wisest of them all. Mimir guards a magical well, named Mimir´s well. Anyone who drinks the water from that well will gain the wisdom of Mimir.


Odin hung himself on Yggdrasil

Odin hung himself on Yggdrasil

Odin stabbed himself with his own spear and hung himself on Yggdrasil “the tree of life” after nine days and nights of fasting and suffering. Odin then fell screaming from Yggdrasil, having had revealed to him just in a blink of an eye the insight to the secret of the runes. The meaning of the word “runes” is secrets. Their initial manifestation took the form of eighteen powerful charms.


Thor's Battle Against the Jötnar (1872) by Mårten Eskil Winge

Thor: The Thunder God

Day of week: Thursday (Torsdag)

Thor is the son of Odin and Fjörgyn.

Thor is married to Sif. Together they have the children Trud and Modi.

Thor adopted Ull as his stepson. Sif is the mother of Ull.

Thor have a son named Magni. Jarnsaxa is his mother, and she was a Jotun.

Thor has a companion named Thialfi, he is also his servant along with his sister Röskva.

Thor (In Old Norse Þórr) has red hair and a beard, Thor is also known to be ill tempered. Thor is the strongest gods, but not the smartest, and many Jotuns teases or fool him. Thor lives at Thrudheim, The name means "Place of Might". It is an enormous house with 540 rooms. It is the biggest house known in Asgard.


Thor (1910) by Johannes Gehrts

Tanngnjostr and Tanngrisnir

Their names were Tanngniost “Teeth barer” and Tanngrisnir “Teeth grinder” was the two goats, what pulled Thor's chariot. Whenever Thor rode in his chariot, people could hear the sound from the wheels, and saw the sparks and lightning from the wheels sent out as they flew across the sky. Some believed that the sparks came from his hammer Mjölnir. The people in Midgard called this thunder and lightning. If Thor was away from home, he sometime cooked the goats. Thor would revive them with his hammer Mjölnir the next day.


Thor's hammer Mjölnir

Thor's Hammer

Mjölnir is Thor's hammer. It is one of the most frightening weapons, capable of tearing down mountains. Mjölnir can hit any target. After the target is hit, Thor's hammer will return to Thor's right hand all by itself. Thor's hammer can send out lightning bolts. The hammer can be used to kill and destroy, but also revive people or animals.

Thor's hammer can also be magically shrunken to fit inside Thor's shirt. The hammer Mjölnir is also used in sacred ceremonies; it could be ceremonies about birth but also death. Thor's hammer was forged by Brokkr and Eitri. Mjölnir was once stolen by the Jotun Trym, and the price for getting it back was the hand of the fertility goddess Freya. Thor also have a pair of iron gauntlets. Thor also has a magical belt, the belt makes him twice as strong. The belt is called Megingjord, "power belt".


Thialfi and Röskva

Thialfi and Röskva

They are two siblings. Thialfi and his sister Röskva, are the servants of the thunder god Thor. They are the children of peasant farmers from Midgard. Thor and Loki stayed one night at their farm and there Thor shared the meat with the family from his two goats Teeth-barer and Teeth grinder. Thialfi broke one of bones sucked the marrow. When Thor resurrected the goats the next morning, he found out that one of the goats was limping on of the legs and became very angry. Thor then demanded that Thialfi and Röskva became his servants.


"Týr" by Lorenz Frølich (1895).


Day of week: Tuesday (Tirsdag)

Tyr is the god of war and the sky, Tyr is the bravest of all the gods. Tyr is so brave, that he put his hand into the jaws of the Fenrir wolf, and that's how he lost the right hand, when the wolf bit it off. He is also interested in justice and with fair treaties. Tyr and Garm the guardian of gates of hel, will kill each other at Ragnarok.




Ull is the winter god of skiers, snowshoes, hunting, the bow, and the shield. It is believed that Ull, sometimes uses his shield, to ski down the mountains, just like a modern day snowboard. Ull is the son of the goddess Sif and the stepson of Thor. He lives in the house Ydalir. Ull is also a magician and he uses a magic bone, to travel over the sea.


Vali is the son of Loki and Sigyn, he has a brother named Narfi.


Vali is the youngest son of Odin, and his mother was Rind. Vali is incarnation of the light of days that grows longer as spring draws near. That was because of beams of sunshine, were often described as arrows. Vali is generally worshiped as an archer. Vali took avenge on Honir and killed him with an arrow, because Honir killed his brother Balder. Vali is one of the few gods, who will survive at Ragnarok "The end of the world".


Ve is the son of the giantess Bestla and Borr and is the brother of Odin and Vili. Odin, Vili, and Ve, created the world from Ymir's body. Ve and his brothers also created the first humans; Ask and Embla.




Vidar is the son of Odin and the giantess Grid; Vidar is the second strongest god. Vidar lives in Vidi, it is a peaceful home and lookes like a garden. Vidar is known for his silence, but he will still revenge his father Odin's death at Ragnarok, "The end of the world". Vidar wears a special shoe that have been made from the bits that shoemakers has saved over the years as they cut, the leather they used for shoes.

And with this shoe, he would kill the Fenrir wolf. By placing one foot on Fenrir's lower jaw and pressing on the upper jaw with his hands until the Fenrir wolf would be pulled apart. Vidar is also one of the few gods who will survive Ragnarok.


Vili is the son of Borr and the giantess Bestla, Vili has two brothers Odin and Ve. Odin, Vili, and Ve, created the world from Ymir's body. Vili and his brothers also created the first humans; their names are Ask and Embla.

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