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Dwarfs in Norse Mythology

The dwarfs are small and misshapen creatures made from the maggots in the giants Ymir dead body. They live under the ground in the world of Nidavellir, the home of the Dwarfs.
The dwarfs are natural good at crafting and loves treasures and the rare metals.


Alfrigg is one of the four dwarfs who made the Brisingamen for the goddess Freya; the other three are Berling, Dvalin, and Grerr.


Alvíss puts a ring around the arm of Þrúðr, by Lorenz Frølich..


Alviss "All Wise" he is a dwarf, and a master smith. He is famous for his wisdom. Thor's daughter Trud as was promised to Alviss, but Thor did not want Alviss to be married with his daughter. So he made a plan to stop Alviss from doing so. Thor told Alviss that because he was so little he had to prove that he was wise, Alviss agreed. Thor made so many tests, that they lasted to the sun had risen. And because Alviss is a dwarf, he was petrified when he was exposed to the sunlight, Trud remains unmarried.


Andvare is a craftsman and was a very wealthy dwarf. But he was robbed by Loki, and lost everything he owned. Among his belonging was also a cursed ring, Andvarenaut.


The ring Andvarenaut is cursed, but has the same abilities as the ring Draupnir Odin's ring. Every ninth day eight new rings would drop out of Andvarenaut. The eight new rings are of equal quality as Andvarenaut. The ring will always cast a great curse on the owner, and bring misery, bad luck, and make the owner unhappy.

Austri: East

Austri is one of the four dwarfs named after the cardinal compass directions. The others are Vestri "West", Nordi "North", and Sudri "South". Austri and the three other dwarfs was sent out into each corner of the world, to hold up the four corners of the sky.


He is one of the four dwarfs who made the Brisingamen for the goddess Freya. The other three are Alfrigg, Dvalin, and Grerr.


His name Brokkr, means "the one who works with metal fragments" or "blacksmith" Brokkr is a dwarf, and an incredible good craftsman. Brokkr has a brother by the name Eitri.
The two brothers Brokkr and Eitri crafted Gungnir, Draupnir and Mjölnir.


He is a dwarf that with his brother Nabbi, made the magical boar named Hildisvini. Dain also made the sword "Dainsleif", it is cursed. Once it has been drawn, it must kill a man before it can be returned to the sheath. A blow from this magical sword will never failed to kill or cause a wound that never will heal.


He is one of the four dwarfs who made the Brisingamen for the goddess Freya. The other three are Alfrigg, Berling, and Grerr.


Eitri is a dwarf who helped create three of the precious objects of the gods. In a competition, the trickster god Loki bet the dwarf Brokkr and Eitri, that they could not make anything as fine as the gifts, as another group of dwarfs had already made for the gods, a golden headpiece, a ship, and a spear. Eitri and his brother Brokkr, then crafted a boear with golden bristles "Gullinbursti", a gold ring "Draupnir", and Thor's hammer "Mjölnir". Experts working in the later part of the 20th century agree that earlier scholars had mistakenly applied the name Sindri to the brother of Brokkr.


Fafnir and Sigurd


Fafnir is the son of the dwarf king Hreidmar.

Fafnir has two brothers Otr and Regin.

Fafnir is a dwarf he has a powerful right arm and a brave soul. He is the guard of his father’s house. The house is made from gleaming gold and blinking gems. Fafnir is the strongest and most aggressive of the three brothers.

One upon a time, Odin, Loki and Honir were Traveling when they came across Otr, who had the likeness of an Otter during the day. Loki killed the Otter “Otr” with a stone and the three Aesir skinned their catch.

The gods came to Hreidmar's home that evening and were pleased to show off the otter's skin. Hreidmar and his remaining two sons then captured the gods and held them prisoner while Loki was forced to collect the ransom, which was to stuff the otter's skin with gold and cover its outside with red gold. Loki carried out the task by collecting the cursed gold of Andvari's gift as well as the ring, Andvarinaut, and the gold which were told to Loki as items that would bring death to whoever owned them.

Fafnir killed his father Hreidmar to get all the gold for himself. He became very crazy, so he went into the wilderness to keep his fortune, eventually turning into a dragon "the symbol of greed" to guard his treasure. Fafnir would also breathe poison onto the land around him and bring terror in the hearts of the people nearby, so no one would ever dare to go near him and his huge treasure. The brother of Fafnir, planned to get revenge of his fathers death, so that he could get the treasure. So Regin sent his foster son Sigurd to kill the dragon.

Regin taught Sigurd to dig a pit in which he could lie and wait under the trail that Fafnir used to get to a stream and there plunge his sword "Gram", into the heart of Fafnir as crawls over to the pit of water. Regin then ran away in fear, leaving Sigurd to the task. While digging the trench, Odin came along in form of an old man with a long beard, advising Sigurd to dig more trenches for the blood of Fafnir to run into, so that Sigurd does not drown in the blood. The earth quaked and the ground nearby shook as Fafnir crawled into the water. Fafnir also blew poison into his path as he made his way to the stream.

Sigurd, stabbed Fafnir in the left shoulder as he crawled over the ditch that he was lying in and succeeded in mortally injuring the dragon. As the great dragon lied there in a dig dying, he spoke to Sigurd and asked him what his name was, and what his father's and mother's names is, and who sent him to kill such a terrifying dragon. Fafnir figured out that his own brother, Regin, had planned the dragon’s death, and then told Sigurd that he is pleased that Regin will also cause Sigurd's death. Sigurd told Fafnir that he will go back to the dragon's lair and take all his treasure.

Fafnir warned Sigurd that all who own the gold will be destined to die, but Sigurd replies that all men must one day die, and it is the ambition of many men to be wealthy until that dying day, so he will take the gold without fear. Regin then went back to Sigurd after Fafnir was slain. Corrupted by greed, Regin plotted to kill Sigurd. After Sigurd had cooked Fafnir's heart for him to eat and take all the treasure for himself.

Sigurd had tasted the blood of Fafnir, while cooking the heart and gained knowledge of the language of birds. And learned of Regin's impending attack from the Oðinnic "of Odin" birds discussion and killed Regin by cutting off his head with the sword "Gram" Sigurd then ate some of Fafnir's heart and kept the remainder, which would later be given to Gudrun after their marriage.


He is a dwarf. He has a brother named Galar. Fjalar and his brother killed Kvasir to get his wisdom, and turned his blood into the mead of poetry, which inspired poets.

Once Fjalar and Galar murdered a giant named Gilling, along with his wife. Their son, Suttung, searched for his parents and threatened the two brothers, who offered him the magical mead. Suttun took it and hid it in the center of a mountain, where his daughter, Gunnlod, would be standing guard. Odin eventually choose to get the mead. He worked for Baugi, Suttung's brother, and was a farmer for a full summer, then asked for a little sip of the mead. Baugi made a small hole into the mountain but Odin shifted into a snake and slid inside. When he came inside, Gunnlod was guard but he swayed her to give him three sips. But Odin continued to drink all the mead, shift into an eagle and fly away, but hardly escaped.


He is a dwarf. He has a brother named Fjalar. Galar and his brother killed Kvasir to get his wisdom, and turned his blood into the mead of poetry, which inspired poets.


He is one of the four dwarfs, who made the Brisingamen for the goddess Freya. The three others are Alfrigg, Berling, and Dvalin.


Hreidmar is a master magician, Hreidmar has three sons Regin, Fafnir and Otr, and two daughters Lofnheid and Lyndheid. Hreidmar owned a house of glittering gold and flashing gems built by Regin and guarded by Fafnir. After Otr was accidentally killed by Loki, the Asir repaid Hreidmar with the cursed ring Andvarinaut, plus the gold made by the ring. Fafnir and Regin killed their father for the cursed ring Andvarinaut. Fafnir decided that he wanted the ring for himself, so he turned into a dragon and scared Regin away.


He is a dwarf that suddenly appeared at Balder's funeral, and got in the way of the god Thor. Thor was as always hot tempered and kicked Lit, into the flames of the funeral ship. Lit hereby gained immortality in Norse mythology, by being burned to ashes along with Balder and his wife Nanna.


Lynheid is the daughter of Hreidmar, she has a sister named Lofnheid and three brothers, Fafnir, Reid, and Otr.

Vestri: West

Vestri is one of the four dwarfs named after the cardinal compass directions. The others are Austri "East", Nordi "North", and Sudri "South". Vestri and the three other dwarfs was sent out into each corner of the world, to hold up the four corners of the sky.


Nabbi is a dwarf, but not much is known about him.

Nordi: North

Nordi "North" is one of the four dwarfs to hold up the sky.


Otr is the son of Hreidmar, Otr has two brothers Regin and Fafnir. Otr is a shape shifter and usually took the form of an otter. He was killed by Loki, because he thought he were a real otter. Hreidmar demanded to get enough gold to cover the dead otter's pelt and fill its insides.

Sundri: South

Sundri "South" is one of the four dwarfs to hold up the sky.


Mime (Reginn) by Arthur Rackham.


Regin is the son of Hreidmar.

Regin has two brothers, Otr and Fafnir.

Regin had a foster son named Sigurd.

While his brother Fafnir was cursed by the ring Andvarenaut, and turned himself into a dragon. Regin worked as a blacksmith for the Danish royal court. Regin was equally affected by the curse as Fafnir was, and got Sigurd to go and kill Fafnir. And Regin then planned to kill Sigurd afterwards, but the birds warned Sigurd, what Regin was about to do and killed Regin first.

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